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Interexcel is proud of its reputation as one of the leading technology companies in South Africa. One of our many quality product and service offerings includes our Newsletter system which businesses can use to bolster their marketing strategies. This system has been developed to be user-friendly whether you choose to manage this yourself or would like Interexcel’s marketing team to take the reins.

Newsletter emails have proven to be very effective marketing tools, especially with the recent growth of the global mobile device industry, and they allow you to reach a mass market at a very low cost. Our system offers valuable reporting which can provide feedback into the number of subscribers and opt-outs etc. So tap into this powerful marketing tool with Interexcel’s impressive newsletter email system.

Newsletter Pricing
Branding R684.00
Design R1,710.00
Set up Fee R399.00
Training R399.00
Cost per email   R0.05
  • Prices include VAT

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